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  1. EXM4000S Multistack

    EXM4000S Multistack

    The Body-Solid EXM4000S is designed for those who demand the ultimate gym package. It offers an enormous range of upper and lower body exercises for maximum muscular strength, total body conditioning and superior endurance.
  2. EXM3000LPS Multistack

    EXM3000LPS Multistack

    The EXM3000LPS series of gyms features: MULTI-USER, LEG PRESS, MULTI-PRESS, PEC DEC
  3. G9S Multistack

    G9S Multistack

    The G9 series of gyms features a multi-function Press Arm Station for bench press, incline press, shoulder press and chest supported mid row exercises.
  4. G6B Single Station

    G6B Single Station

    The Bi-Angular press arms of the G6B guide you through the optimal natural range-of-motion while applying resistance from two directions simulaneously. This smooth, fluid, multi-directional resistance system automatically produces 25% more muscle interaction by eliminating the ability to rest your chest muscles.
  5. G9S Two-Stack Gym

    G9S Two-Stack Gym

    The G9 arrangement of rec centers emphasizes a multi-capacity Press Arm Station for seat press, slope press, shoulder press and midsection backed mid column works out.
  6. Best Fitness Sportsman Gym BFMG10

    Best Fitness Sportsman Gym BFMG10

    Complete gym in one compact, affordable machine.


    Complete exercise center in one minimized, reasonable machine. The cushioned pressing arms take after the common circular segment of a free weight seat press and pectoral dumbbell fly.
  8. Powerline P1X

    Powerline P1X

    The Powerline P1 Multi-Station Home Gym is intended to be flexible, strong, trustworthy and moderate. Much more, with its agile curves and outline forward tasteful, this expense cognizant exercise center consolidations structure and capacity to supplement cutting edge home decor.
  9. Powerline PHG1000X

    Powerline PHG1000X

    Take your workouts to a more elevated amount by including the discretionary 150 Lb. selectorized weight stack. The simple selector pin spares time and vitality and still permits you to include standard weight plates when you need to push your cutoff points.


    The Bi-Angular press arms of the Fusion 600 aide you through the ideal characteristic scope of-movement while applying safety from two headings simulaneously. This smooth, liquid, multi-directional safety framework consequently creates 25% more muscle connection by dispensing with the capacity to rest your midsection muscles.

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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