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  1. Seated Leg Curl/Extension 6240M

    Seated Leg Curl/Extension 6240M

    Adjustable starting point for precise range of motion. Adjustable stop position to limit range of motion during rehab. Two small 1.8 kg / 4lb incremental drop down plates for small increases in weight. Ankle/tibia pad is lockable for fixed positioning on user during entire range of motion. This is a stock image. For a exact image, please click on request a quote.
  2. Inner/Outer Thigh PPD-807

    Inner/Outer Thigh PPD-807

    Conveniently located lever adjusts for range of motion and start position for both exercises. Forward facing exercise positioning provides privacy. Swivel knee pads maintain constant support throughout the range of motion.
  3. PPF-754 3-Tier Saddle Dumbbell Rack

    PPF-754 3-Tier Saddle Dumbbell Rack

    Three-tiers hold 15 pairs of regular size dumbbells. Pro-style with individual rubber saddle. Fit any dumbbell grip size 4-1/4".
  4. my7 Power Shield

    my7 Power Shield

    The Power Plate my7 Power Shield is low profile, unobtrusive, and sits underneath your my7 machine to reduce residual vibrations.
  5. Stability Ball Stackers

    Stability Ball Stackers

    Vertically store your stability balls with this set of three clear plastic ball stackers.
  6. TKO Achieve Dual Lat Pulldown/ Mid Row

    TKO Achieve Dual Lat Pulldown/ Mid Row

    Thigh pads easily adjust to provide both stability and comfort. Dual function mechanism increases functionality and saves space. Footrest provide greater stability during exercise. 220lb Weight stack - 10lb increments.
  7. CXP Target Training Cycle

    CXP Target Training Cycle

    Attract more riders to your cycling classes and keep them coming back with our revolutionary CXP Target Training Cycle.
  8. Multi-hip VY-2010

    Multi-hip VY-2010

    2:1 weight ratio for smaller increases between plates and faster movements. Unique micro-adjustment pivot point offers precise positioning for a variety of users. Large hand rails improve support and stability. Separate incremental adjustment for small weight increases.
  9. Leg Extension/Curl DF100

    Leg Extension/Curl DF100

    SportsArt Dual Function Series lower body products are designed to provide strength building power while optimizing gym space.
  10. 3-Tier Tray Dumbbell Rack PPF-754T

    3-Tier Tray Dumbbell Rack PPF-754T

    Ideal for hex-type dumbbells and for most regular size dumbbells. Top two trays 16" deep and bottom tray 18" deep.

Items 1 to 10 of 2039 total

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